Worship Online

During the COVID19 pandemic, acts of publish worship will not take place at St Nick’s. However, as far as possible, we shall continue to celebrate the Eucharist every day, offering prayers for the world and those most in need.

We are making our Sunday 10 am service available to you via YouTube.  From our YouTube Channel you will also be able to watch a sermon for the week, along with prayers. Each sermon will remain available for about two months. You can access our YouTube Channel here, or follow the links below to individual videos or other printed worship resources.

5 July 2020 - The Fourth Sunday after Trinity - Eucharist

5 July 2020 - Home worship for the 4th Sunday after Trinity here

28 June 2020 - The Third Sunday after Trinity - Eucharist

28 June 2020 - Home worship for the 3rd Sunday after Trinity here

27 June 2020 - Armed Forces Day Service (from 11 am)- here

21 June 2020 - The Second Sunday after Trinity - Eucharist

21 June 2020 - Home worship for the 2nd Sunday after Trinity here

14 June 2020 - The First Sunday after Trinity - Eucharist

14 June 2020 - Home worship for the 1st Sunday after Trinity here

7 June 2020 - Trinity Sunday - Eucharist

7 June 2020 - Home worship for Trinity Sunday here