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Notices and Prayer Intentions for the Week 5th - 12th July 2020

Video Resources

Sunday Eucharist (recording of YouTube Livestream) here.

'From the Archives' - video 6 (available Tuesday morning from 9 am) here.

Reflections for Liverpool - 9 July (from 9 am) here.

Video Bulletin (available Friday morning from 9 am) here.

This week's Sunday leaflet can be downloaded here

Daily Calendar

Sun 5th July 4th Sunday after Trinity

Gospel: Matthew 11.16-19,25-end

Anglican Communion: The United Church of Pakistan

Parish: Lambert St; Wilde St; Clayton Square

Those in Need: Joyce; Grace; Fiona; Rebecca; Zaher and family; Anna; Liz

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Frank Hassall; Wil Morris

Mon 6th July Thomas More and John Fisher, martyrs

Gospel: Matthew 9.18-26

Anglican Communion: North Queensland (Australia); Awgu/Aninri (Nigeria); Kaduna (Nigeria)

Parish: London Road; Lord Nelson St; Ward St.

Those in Need: Gerry; Anne; Jim; Nadia; Khalid; Petra; Morna

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Minnie Waddingham

Tue 7th July Feria

Gospel: Matthew 9.32-end

Anglican Communion: North West Australia; Awka (Nigeria); Kafanchan (Nigeria)

Parish: Bridport St; Hotham St; Pudsey St.

Those in Need: Betty; Peter; Simon; Jon; Maggie

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Doris Longley

Weds 8th July Feria

Gospel: Matthew 10.1-7

Anglican Communion: North Argentina; Awori (Nigeria)

Parish: Fraser St; Cases St; Camden St.

Those in Need: Al; Sylvia; Emily; Mark; Annette

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Andrew Williams; Anne Baker; Joyce Melsom

Thurs 9th July Feria

Gospel: Matthew 10.7-15

Anglican Communion: Northern California (USA); Badagry (Nigeria); Ballarat (Australia)

Parish: William Brown St; Mill Lane; St George's Place

Those in Need: Sylvia; Joan; Madelaine; Marjorie; Elsie

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: John Reeves

Fri 10th July Feria

Gospel: Matthew 10.16-23

Anglican Communion: North Indiana (USA); Bangor (Wales)

Parish: St John's Lane; Great Charlotte St; Ranelagh St.

Those in Need: Marjorie; Eileen; Pat; Tom; Donald

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Mabel Vaughan; James Hitchmough

Sat 11th July Benedict, abbot

Gospel: Matthew 10.24-33

Anglican Communion: North Luzon (Phillipines); Kagera (Tanzania); Banks and Torres (Melanesia)

Parish: Wood St; Bold St; Hanover St.

Those in Need: Doreen; Marshall; John; Elizabeth; Paul; Hamed

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Margaret Critchley; Jill Crick; Harriet Rushton; Leigh Yardley

Sun 12th July 5th Sunday after Trinity

Gospel: Matthew 13.1-9,18-23

Anglican Communion: The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

Parish: Manesty's Lane; Peter's Lane; College Lane

Those in Need: Gerry; Anne; Jim; Nadia; Khalid; Petra; Morna

Recently Departed: Alan McDonald; Bernard Elsdon (pr)

Year's Mind: Hugh Durrant; William Masterworth; Anne Watkins; Elizabeth McConnell


Events coming up


If you would like information about when the bells will be ringing this week, please visit the bellringers' website here.



New Circumstances

Following the suspension of public worship in the Church of England, here is a quick reminder of our strategic priorities at St Nick's.

• How we are promoting the life of the congregation of St Nick's, supporting our church community, and caring for each other.
• How we are fulfilling our mission and ministry in the centre of Liverpool, reaching out to those around us, supporting those in need, and ministering to the most vulnerable.
• How we are protecting the future of our Church by pragmatic care of our institution and its structures.

For the time being, there will be more than one e-bulletin a week, and our worship and corporate life will be on-line. However, this is also a time for creativity, and if you have got any ideas to support any of the principles above then please drop the clergy a line.

Caring for each other

We now have a system in place for ensuring we maintain regular contact with each other. When everything returns to normal, we hope that we shall find our church community strong and still connected with each other. Whilst the clergy and pastoral team will keep ringing and e-mailing people, please do look out for others in the congregation. If you or someone else could do with some practical help (such as shopping) then please contact the Parish Office (0151 236 5287 or or e-mail the clergy direct.

Social Meetings

Some churches have been meeting socially on Zoom, as have our Sunday School. With a congregation as large as ours it is difficult to make this happen for everyone, and some people may also feel excluded because they do not have the technology. However, in addition to the contacts which we all make with each other, we are going to trial a small congregational Zoom meeting next week (you have to provide your own drinks and snacks). If this receives positive feedback from the sample group then we shall throw this open more widely to groups of about ten.

The Next Phase of Lockdown

Last week's information about the easing of lockdown suggested that our churches would open for public worship on 4 July. We shall need to plan for this in advance, but we look forward to this step and will look at how we can create a safe environment. There will be other steps before then as we return to 'normal'. The Church has been open again for private prayer from Monday 15th June, initially for restricted hours (11 am - 4 pm) as we learn how this can be managed safely.

Micah Foodbank

At the moment we are continuing to serve the City and Parish in different ways, but the most visible is the Foodbank. Although the Church is temporarily closed for visitors and worship, there is a box by the main doors for donations of food. The box is checked regularly, so if you are passing (as part of an authorised activity!) then please drop some food in.

St Nick's Corona Anthology

Fr Fergus is putting together a selection of prayers, reflections, and poems to be collated into a ‘St Nick’s Corona Anthology’. Maybe you’re using your time at home to produce beautiful verse or perhaps you’ve found a particular prayer or passage helpful at this juncture- if so we’d love to know. Please email all to and we’ll put things together into a resource for everyone.

Gift Aid

St Nick's is grateful for all donations, but if you are a UK taxpayer and you put your gift in one of our Gift Aid envelopes (found at the back of the Church) and add your name and address, then the Church can get a further 25% of your gift back from the Government.

Similarly, if you make donations to the Church by monthly standing order, and you are a UK taxpayer but have not yet completed a Gift Aid form and sent it to Pauline Lewis, our Gift Aid Secretary, then we would be most grateful if you would do this so that we can increase the value of your monthly donation by 25% at no cost or inconvenience to you.  Your name/details do not get passed to anybody and there is nothing further for you to do.

We encourage regular members of the congregation to join the Planned Giving Scheme.  Please contact Pauline Lewis for further details.


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