Globoscope: Performance/Installation

As part of Liverpool’s nine-day Festival of light, sound and art: River of Light, St Nick’s Churchyard will be transformed by a work from French company Collectif Coin, returning to the UK after critically acclaimed shows in London last year.

Globoscope is an immersive work made up of a large number of luminous spheres. By means of this technological mechanism, Collectif Coin creates a digitised recreation of the space.

Configured in harmony with the characteristics of the venue, each individual ‘point’ each ‘pixel’ in this landscape, is merged into an ensemble of sound and light movements that swirl through.

Mathematics, sound and light are in this way used to represent, transform and expand a space, offering the viewer a surrealist stroll.
Globoscope is illuminated from 5 pm until 10 pm every evening throughout the Festival, 1st-9th November 2019.