This week

Events and Notices for the Week (25th June - 2nd July 2017)


Sun 25th June 2nd Sunday after Trinity

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

10.00 am  Parish Eucharist

Mon 26th June Feria

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

7.00 pm  Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

7.00 pm  Gamblers Anonymous Meeting

Tue 27th June Cyril, bishop

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

7.00 pm  Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

7.00 pm  Oriel Singers

Weds 28th June Irenaeus, bishop

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

Thurs 29th June Peter and Paul, apostles

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

11.00 am  Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

6.00 pm  Eucharist

Fri 30th June   Ember Day

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

1.05 pm  R C Mass

7.30 pm  Bells

Sat 1st July Henry, John & Henry Venn, priests

Church Open

Sun 2nd July 3rd Sunday after Trinity

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

10.00 am  Parish Eucharist

6.00 pm  Six@Nick's


Events coming up




Shared Reading Group

We are developing a new partnership with The Reader, which is a Liverpool-based charity promoting reading and literacy across the country.   The Reader are holding a Shared Reading Information workshop at the Parish Church on Friday 30th June from 11 am to 1 pm.   Come along and find out more about Shared Reading and opportunities to become involved.   Please spread the word! Sign up here.



Don't forget our monthly choral service with St Nicholas' Singers takes place next week at 6 pm.   Choral Evensong will be on the theme of St Thomas.  This is a good opportunity to invite friends to share in our musical tradition, and also our hospitality.


Our weekly e-bulletin

goes out each Wednesday.   If you didn't receive it and would like to, then please contact the Office with your email address. (email


Homeless Communion - 28 June at 1 pm

Following a successful start last week, our next 'homeless communion', in collaboration with the Methodist Pioneer Minister, is on 28th June.  This is not the Eucharist (which will precede it in church) but is a wider sharing of God's grace through food and drink with those who sit in the Church Gardens at lunchtime.   All are welcome and support would be gratefully received.


Hope+ Foodbank

Thank you for your continued support for the Foodbank.  This becomes even more important in the summer.  School holidays can add £30 or £40 a week to a family's food bills, and sometimes the Foodbank is the only extra help they receive.  You can drop off donations at the Church Office on any day, and of course on Sundays as well.



If you know of anyone who is unwell or would just simply appreciate a visit, please let Fr David know.


Gift Aid

St Nick's is grateful for all donations, but if you are a UK taxpayer and you put your gift in one of our Gift Aid envelopes (found at the back of the Church) and add your name and address, then the Church can get a further 25% of your gift back from the Government.

Similarly, if you make donations to the Church by monthly standing order, and you are a UK taxpayer but have not yet completed a Gift Aid form and sent it to Pauline Lewis, our Gift Aid Secretary, then we would be most grateful if you would do this so that we can increase the value of your monthly donation by 25% at no cost or inconvenience to you.  Your name/details do not get passed to anybody and there is nothing further for you to do.

We encourage regular members of the congregation to join the Planned Giving Scheme.  Please contact Pauline Lewis for further details.


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