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Events and Notices for the Week 17th - 24th February 2019


Sun 17th February 3rd Sunday before Lent

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

10.00 am  Parish Eucharist

Mon 18th February Feria

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

Tue 19th February Feria

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

Weds 20th February Feria

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

5.00 pm  Evening Prayer & Rosary

Thurs 21st February Feria

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

6.00 pm  Eucharist

Fri 22nd February Feria

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

1.05 pm  R C Mass

7.30 pm  Bells

Sat 23rd February Polycarp, bishop and martyr

Church Open

Sun 24th February 2nd Sunday before Lent

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

10.00 am  Parish Eucharist


Events coming up




Lent House Eucharists

In the last few years we have shared the Eucharist and received hospitality in people's homes throughout Lent. This is in addition to our Lent Programme for the City, and the regular congregation is invited to come to one of the House Eucharists if they are able: Tuesday 26th March at 7.30 pm (West Kirby); Wednesday 3rd April at 7.00 pm (South Liverpool); Wednesday 10th April at 7.00 pm (Central Liverpool).


Shrove Tuesday

On Tuesday 5th March we shall be holding a speaker event with the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, from 8.30 am - 10.00 am. All are welcome. This will be followed at 11.00 am by our City Pancake Race, with chefs from local hotels racing for this year's title. And in the afternoon we shall be hosting a travelling sculpture which should attract many visitors. All are welcome to attend these events.


Copies of our Lent Programme for the City

are now available in the Narthex and online. This will begin on Ash Wednesday with an ecumenical service at 12.15 pm at which the Archbishop of York will preside and preach. The service will also be attended by the Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool, and the Bishops of Liverpool and Warrington, as well as the Chair of the Liverpool Methodist District.
As part of our Lent Programme, there will be a performance of Bach's 'St John Passion' at 7.00 pm on Saturday 9th March. The performance is free but so that we can manage the anticipated demand please do book a ticket via the Eventbrite website.


Ash for Ash Wednesday

We shall be joined on Ash Wednesday by a phalanx of archbishops and bishops, who will then leave church and offer ash to people in the main shopping areas of the City. We shall need more ash than normal. Please could you bring in your palm crosses from last year as soon as possible so that we can start burning earlier. Many thanks!


Pastoral Team

If you are ill or just need some support or someone to talk to then feel free to get in touch with us by emailing and one of our team will get in touch. If you do not have access to email then you can contact either one of the Team Leaders, Clare Ledingham or Sarah Wrightson, whose numbers are available from the Parish Office.


Liverpool Plinth 2019

The sculpture overlooking Chapel St entitled Gold Lamé has made a tremendous impact over the last seven months. Some have liked it, others have not, but for everyone it has enabled new conversations and fresh persepctives. The competition for another sculpture to occupy our empty plinth was launched recently. If you know anyone who might be interested in entering, please spread the word. The car will go and the new sculpture will be unveiled in June.


Micah Foodbank (formerly Hope+)

When you do your shopping, please remember that the Foodbank is always in need of donations of non-perishable food. Donations can be dropped off at the Church Office during the week and on Sundays.


New Congregation

In collaboration with the St Luke in the City Team, we are starting a new congregation/group which will meet in the Central Library every Tuesday lunchtime from 12.15 - 12.45 pm. All are welcome. For more information please contact Louis Johnson.


Gift Aid

St Nick's is grateful for all donations, but if you are a UK taxpayer and you put your gift in one of our Gift Aid envelopes (found at the back of the Church) and add your name and address, then the Church can get a further 25% of your gift back from the Government.

Similarly, if you make donations to the Church by monthly standing order, and you are a UK taxpayer but have not yet completed a Gift Aid form and sent it to Pauline Lewis, our Gift Aid Secretary, then we would be most grateful if you would do this so that we can increase the value of your monthly donation by 25% at no cost or inconvenience to you.  Your name/details do not get passed to anybody and there is nothing further for you to do.

We encourage regular members of the congregation to join the Planned Giving Scheme.  Please contact Pauline Lewis for further details.


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