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Events and Notices for the Week 14th - 21st July 2019


Sun 14th July 4th Sunday after Trinity

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

10.00 am  Parish Eucharist

Mon 15th July Swithun, bishop

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

Tue 16th July Osmund, bishop

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

Weds 17th July Feria

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

5.00 pm  Evening Prayer and Rosary

Thurs 18th July Elizabeth Ferard, deaconess

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

6.00 pm  Eucharist

Fri 19th July Gregory, bishop

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

12.15 pm  Eucharist

1.05 pm  R C Mass

7.30 pm  Bells

Sat 20th July Margaret of Antioch, martyr

Church Open

Sun 21st July 5th Sunday after Trinity

9.00 am  Morning Prayer

10.00 am  Parish Eucharist


Events coming up



Theatre in the Gardens

Dean Sullivan is using his talent and his connections to direct a theatrical performance in the Gardens this summer:27 & 28 July. Please do buy tickets and invite friends; bring your own picnic or Ma Boyle's will be selling food for the performances as well as running a bar. Nearer the time, we shall also be looking for volunteers to help with Front of House and some stage management. In the meantime, book your tickets with Eventbrite (link to the News/Events page) or email

Apartment for Rent

Our lovely tenants in the Gladstone Flat are moving back to the Netherlands in September. (nothing wrong with the property!) We are keen to let the flat as soon as possible: if you know someone who would be interested in renting a quirky one-bedroomed City Centre flat please speak to the Churchwardens.

Grace Oliver

Today Grace Oliver will officially change her name by deed poll and in her new name will renew her promises of baptism. Grace and Charlotte will then renew their marriage vows.

Liverpool Bach Collective

The Bach Collective will be performing in Church again on Saturday 20th July at 7.30 pm. Tickets are £10 (£7 concessions) on the door. Music is mainly by Bach but a bit of Purcell creeps in as well!

Visits and Pastoral Contact

If you haven't seen someone in Church for awhile or you notice that someone could do with a telephone call or a visit - or if you would like a visit yourself - you can contact the Pastoral Team on or by telephoning the church office. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact the clergy directly.

Micah Foodbank (formerly Hope+)

When you do your shopping, please remember that the Foodbank is always in need of donations of non-perishable food. Donations can be dropped off at the Church Office during the week and on Sundays.

Gift Aid

St Nick's is grateful for all donations, but if you are a UK taxpayer and you put your gift in one of our Gift Aid envelopes (found at the back of the Church) and add your name and address, then the Church can get a further 25% of your gift back from the Government.

Similarly, if you make donations to the Church by monthly standing order, and you are a UK taxpayer but have not yet completed a Gift Aid form and sent it to Pauline Lewis, our Gift Aid Secretary, then we would be most grateful if you would do this so that we can increase the value of your monthly donation by 25% at no cost or inconvenience to you.  Your name/details do not get passed to anybody and there is nothing further for you to do.

We encourage regular members of the congregation to join the Planned Giving Scheme.  Please contact Pauline Lewis for further details.


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