The Parish Centre

The Parish Church has two meeting rooms which can be booked by outside organisations. We have a long history of providing affordable meeting space for charities and groups supporting areas of particular social need. Both rooms are disabled-accessible: there is a passenger lift in the entrance lobby of the Parish Centre from which both rooms can be reached. Also, men’s, women’s and disabled toilet facilities are located in the basement.

The Refectory is the larger of the two rooms. It is located at first floor level, immediately above the narthex of the church building. There is a large kitchen immediately adjacent which can be used if catering is required. Tables and meeting chairs are available, if required. Depending on layout, the Refectory can seat up to approximately 50-60 people for meetings.

The Alexandra Room is located in the basement of the office block and is named after Princess Alexandra who formally re-opened the Parish Centre after its renovation in 1993. There is a small kitchen adjacent which could be used for making tea/coffee etc. Tables and meeting chairs are available, if required. The Alexandra Room can seat up to 20-25 people for meetings.

Enquiries about the availability of rooms should be directed to the Parish Administrator, Jean Wynne, either by phone during office hours (0151 236 5287) or by email (see contact us).