The gardens at Liverpool Parish Church.


The Churchyard was created by the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry in 1361 and remained in use as the only burial ground in Liverpool until 1849. 

On 17 May 1892 a Deed of Faculty was granted for the laying out of the graveyard as an 'Ornamental Ground' by forming walks and making beds of shrubs or plants surrounded with turf. The newly laid out garden was given into the care of the Corporation of Liverpool - subject to conditions to be approved by the council and that "the proposed alterations will be a public benefit and make the said churchyard more comely and decent". It is today designated a Protected Green Space and is part of the Castle Street Conservation Area.

Further information about the garden can be found on the City of Liverpool website here.

The planting, which incorporates maritime species, is designed to withstand strong salt laden winds and to provide interest throughout the year. A biblical planting theme has also been introduced into the garden.